New This Year! Meet Granpa Cratchet!

Watch out, here comes Granpa Cratchet driving a miniature model "T" across the fairgrounds with radiator squirting, horn blowing, and ho down music blaring almost as loudly as Granpa himself yelling "Howdy folks, welcome to the fair!" Granpa calls it his "Old Time Hucksterwagon", a phrase left over from the childhood of his creator, Sam Bowman. The idea for the miniature truck came from a local grocery store on wheels that actually traveled to homes out in the county in the nineteen fifties near Sam's hometown of Sharpsville, Indiana.

Granpa's miniature truck, about four feet wide and eight feet long, travels most of the United States with three units of equipment to fairs, festivals, amusement parks, conventions, and corporate functions of all kinds.

Granpa brings back the nostalgia of the good`ole days complete with all kinds of great products that Granpa tries to sell like his `Ole Time Miracle Wonder All Purpose Ailment Elixir, Lot-A-Bull Fertilizer or his All Purpose Hog Wash. Of course, we can't forget the assortment of gadgets especially designed to make life easier, like Granpa's false teeth washer he invented when his own set of dentures accidentally fell into the blender. You can expect a wild story with every product.

Granpa, a professional puppet like you’d see on national TV, seems to be a cross between the characters of Ralph Cramden (from "The Honeymooners") and Mr. Haney (of the "Green Acres" TV sitcom), as he spins old time jokes and stories all rooted in the life of the good old days. When you run across him he might be getting arrested, towed, or ticketed by the local sheriff, all in a good natured publicity stunt of course.

While adults like the stories linked to the good ole days, the kids seem to like the hugs Granpa hands out to every child. If the jokes and stories are not entertaining enough, just watch the faces of the children. Their smiles say it all.

Presenting Granpa Cratchet - Americas Favorite Touring Puppet Show

Granpa is full of wacky stories, one-liners, and tid bits that will amuse any genre.