Commercial Vendors Welcome

We welcome you to the Cullman County Fair.  Our annual attendance tops 40,000 visitors a year.

You must fill out a Booth Rental Agreement to reserve a space during the Fair.  These are only available at the Fair Office.  At that time the location of your space will be discussed and confirmed with you by the Fair personnel.  We recommend calling the Fair Manager at 256-734-0661 before coming by to confirm if a space is open.  The fee is $200.00 per booth.  Please make your check payable to the Cullman County Fair Association.

We look forward to supporting our past commercial vendor exhibitors.  As we have in the past, we allow commercial vendors from last year to have first chance at renting a booth at the fair.  We will hold sufficient booths to support last year’s commercial vendors until September 19th.   After that date last year’s vendor’s booths are no longer reserved and become open to our waiting list.

Exhibitors may sell from their booths subject to restrictions provided below.

Cullman County Fair Association
Vendor Sales Requirements

Vendors must indicate to the Fair Association at the time of the rental if they intend to sell merchandise.  Regretfully, no food concessions or food carts are permitted other than those operated by the Cullman Lions, Lionesses and midway operations.

All products are subject to approval by the Fair Manager.  All items must be family friendly.   Any item not deemed suitable for any reason by a Fair manager must be removed immediately; this is not debatable.

All merchandise must fit within the rented space. Merchandise may be replenished as needed.  Only during booth setup and takedown will vendors be allowed to drive into the fair grounds to deliver or pick up merchandise.  They may hand carry items to or from their booth at any time.

The vendor is responsible for tracking, collecting, and paying taxes on their sales, not the Fair.  A list of vendors selling items will be provided to the Cullman County Sales Tax Office.

The vendor must post a sign stating “The Cullman County Fair Association is not responsible or liable for any merchandise sold at this Booth.”

Vendors must have a current business licenses.