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Livestock exhibit   livestock submission schedule 2021 r1

Fair Office & Exhibit Locations

- Register & Pickup non-livestock stickers in Main Exhibit Building
- All animals are in Livestock Barn
- Canning, Baking, Sewing, Handicraft, Art, Photograph & Youth Club Exhibits in main Exhibit Building across from Fair Office
- Crops, Plants & Honey in Agricultural Building
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Mandatory Exhibitor Stickers

Dolly madison fair bar code sticker20160804 8002 knmq9l
- You must register either online or at the Fair Office
- Exhibits and livestock CANNOT be accepted without current stickers
- Pick up stickers at the Fair Office
- You need 3 stickers per exhibit or animal entered
- Have stickers in hand BEFORE carrying items into exhibit buildings
- Last year's exhibitors are pre-registered and will be mailed current year stickers
- Your current year individual exhibitor number is upper left
- Current year is lower left
- Your last name then first name is upper right
- Your individual UPC code is lower right