2022 Queen of the Kitchen
Patricia Mitchell

2022 queen of the kitchen

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Exhibitor Entry
Livestock exhibit   livestock submission schedule 2022 r6

Please carefully read both the General Rules and Information and the Departmental Information for the exhibit categories you wish to enter.

Fair Office & Exhibit Locations

- Register & Pickup non-livestock stickers in Main Exhibit Building
- All animals are in Livestock Barn
- Canning, Baking, Sewing, Handicraft, Art, Photograph & Youth Club Exhibits in main Exhibit Building across from Fair Office
- Crops, Plants & Honey in Agricultural Building
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Mandatory Exhibitor Stickers

Dolly madison fair bar code sticker20160804 8002 knmq9l
- You must register either online or at the Fair Office
- Exhibits and livestock CANNOT be accepted without current stickers
- Pick up stickers at the Fair Office
- You need 3 stickers per exhibit or animal entered
- Have stickers in hand BEFORE carrying items into exhibit buildings
- Last year's exhibitors are pre-registered and will be mailed current year stickers
- Your current year individual exhibitor number is upper left
- Current year is lower left
- Your last name then first name is upper right
- Your individual UPC code is lower right